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Garden Games - Aztec Duel

For years, family garden games have been limited to designs that have been around for decades (e.g. swingball, quoits, croquet, boules, connect four, etc, etc) and all that has changed is the material used, colour and even size!

Aztec Duel is an entirely new concept for family garden games which allows children and adults to compete on an equal footing. There's no special treatment for the young - or the old for that matter!!

The game is based upon the shape of an Aztec temple and each player must throw three bolas onto each tier to enable you to progress to the next level. Hold your nerve and be the first to ascend to the top of the pyramid!!

It is a fantastically addictive game and being so light and portable (it all goes into a small canvas bag), you can take it anywhere!! The beach, the park, friend's gardens, picnics, camping, the list is endless!!

Multiple variations and tactics to the game means that you can reinvent it each time you play! Why not make up some of your own rules?!

The game embodies everything that we look for in family life - the great outdoors, exercise, a little competitiveness and above all a whole lot of fun!!!


“We bought the Aztec Duel from you a couple of weeks ago and we are absolutely thrilled with it! We had a family party in the garden at the weekend and everyone was saying how much they enjoyed playing the game. It was great to have something new and different to play with.”

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